H  O  M  E
M  E  N  U  S
C  O  N  T  A  C  T    U  S
U  S  E  F  U  L     L  I  N  K  S
P  A  Y     O  N  L  I  N  E

All of our buffets are provided with serviettes and
disposable plates and, where appropriate, knives
and forks. We can supply crockery and cutlery for
an extra charge.

We will only deliver buffets for a minimum of
12 persons - we regret that the cost and time
involved in delivering small quantities makes
this necessary.

If none of our buffets are quite what you're
looking for then please contact us and we will
try to meet your requirements.

We can supply a sweet with any of our buffets and
also tea, coffee and soft drinks - please ask for
a price.

HOLIDAYS: We will not be available from:


Please note, that for small orders to be delivered
outside Douglas, we may have to make an
additional charge.

Terms of business:
Businesses: accounts to be paid within 14 days from
the date of the invoice.
Personal: accounts to be paid on presentation of

Last updated 18th September 2013